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Friday Cat Blogging – 04 Jul 2014

Bruno 04 Jul 2014
Yeah, Happy whatever… 

Okay, this is late for the 4th, but posing a cat with silly holiday props is time-consuming. Probably a bad idea as well, both as a photo and as a general annoyance to the cat. But, Bruno tolerated it long enough to get this one shot, so I can’t waste it.

Happy Canada Day, Happy Independence Day, and congratulations to Eugenie Bouchard for a historic, but too short Wimbledon run! She’ll be back.

Friday Cat Blogging – 27 Jun 2014

Bruno & Hobbes 27 Jun 2014
No, we’re not about to fight. Why do you ask?

Of course, about 2 minutes later, they were fighting. Those last all of 5 seconds, so I didn’t get a shot of that. Hobbes takes the defensive pose shown above and taunts Bruno. It’s like two kids on a long road trip where one is always, “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!” Eventually, Bruno gets pestered enough to pounce, which loosens a couple tufts of hair and everybody moves on like nothing happened.

Friday Cat Blogging – 6 Jun 2014

Neighbor cats
Neighbor cats roaming the backyard

For a little cat blogging variety, some of the neighbor cats have been haunting the backyard. The black cat is wearing a bell, but it clearly has limited effect as I saw him very nearly catch a house finch off one of the bird feeders. He (I’m guessing) was also mewing plaintively at the squirrels in the tree, but I’m pretty sure he would regret catching one.

For a humorous take, here’s The Oatmeal on ‘How Much Cats Actually Kill.’ Most wild animal and bird kills are done by feral cats, but even well-fed domesticated cats are murderous little beasts. Even more reason to keep your cat safe and indoors.