Meanwhile in Canada … 28 Jul 2014

There’s a flurry of worth potential MWIC posts, but I must start with HitchBot. This is a hitchhiking robot that intends to travel across the entirety of Canada this summer. It’s more art project than robotics demonstration (only one arm can move), but it does talk, Tweet, and post to Instagram. Think Siri with a solar panel duct-taped to a plastic bucket wearing Wellies and rubber gloves. Okay, don’t do that – it can only lead to NSFW thoughts.

HitchBot started Sun, 27 Jul, in Halifax, NS and has already made it about 550 km (340 mi) to Dalhousie, NB. The ultimate goal is Victoria, BC, which is at least a 6,000 km (3,800 mi) trek. I wonder how HB will fare once it arrives in the Prairies and the initial media hype has faded. I’ll post updates if something interesting happens.

And I can’t let Allan Hawco’s birthday go by with out a link to his time in the Red Chair: How to speak like a Newfie. If none of that sentence makes sense to you, spend a couple years up north. Or maybe I’ll explain it in next year’s MWIC.

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