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Climate Change Report – Short version

So, I referenced the  Climate Change: Evidence and Causes report and noted it was pretty long. Here’s a short summary.

The report is structured as Question and Answer. Most of the questions respond to common misperceptions about causes (the sun did it, climate always changes, why are winters still cold, etc.). Useful if you’re looking to respond to your crazy uncle over Thanksgiving dinner.

The middle portion of the report discusses more of the potential impacts: Arctic and Antarctic sea ice; strength and frequency of floods, hurricanes, drought, etc.; rate of sea level rise; and, ocean acidification. Finally, the report covers some loose ends like scientific confidence and uncertainty, disaster scenarios, and level of concern. There also is an appendix on the scientific basics of climate change.

Like I said before, it is fairly easy to read and combines a broad spectrum of the discussion under one cover. It is for someone who is generally familiar with the climate change debate, but wants a little more detail. Not heavy on the science stuff, but I may be a poor judge of that.

Climate Change is real

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the discussion around climate change needs to begin by explaining that it exists. It took decades for the science behind the dangers of smoking to penetrate into the general consensus. Only then, could individual behavior and group action respond to the situation. Today, the idea that the dangers are real is taken for granted.

However, the scientific community has realized this and is actively fighting the misperceptions on climate change. Recently, the US National Academy of Sciences and the U.K.’s Royal Society published a (relatively) concise report titled, Climate Change: Evidence and Causes. At 20 pages of text, plus another dozen or so of appendices and references, it quickly falls into the TL;DR category. Regardless, it’s a whole lot easier on the eyes than most other reports.