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Friday Cat Blogging – 11 Jul 2014

Bruno 11 Jul 2014
Look into my eyes … You’re getting sleepy … sleepy …

This photo is actually from a few years back, but the source file was pretty high resolution so I was able to enhance the deep black better than some of my newer images. Plus, the green eyes come through a little better. And he’s damn cute.

Friday Cat Blogging – 04 Jul 2014

Bruno 04 Jul 2014
Yeah, Happy whatever… 

Okay, this is late for the 4th, but posing a cat with silly holiday props is time-consuming. Probably a bad idea as well, both as a photo and as a general annoyance to the cat. But, Bruno tolerated it long enough to get this one shot, so I can’t waste it.

Happy Canada Day, Happy Independence Day, and congratulations to Eugenie Bouchard for a historic, but too short Wimbledon run! She’ll be back.

Friday Cat Blogging – 27 Jun 2014

Bruno & Hobbes 27 Jun 2014
No, we’re not about to fight. Why do you ask?

Of course, about 2 minutes later, they were fighting. Those last all of 5 seconds, so I didn’t get a shot of that. Hobbes takes the defensive pose shown above and taunts Bruno. It’s like two kids on a long road trip where one is always, “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!” Eventually, Bruno gets pestered enough to pounce, which loosens a couple tufts of hair and everybody moves on like nothing happened.

Friday Cat Blogging – 28 Mar 14

Following my blogging hero, Kevin Drum, here is my contribution to the honorable tradition of Friday Cat Blogging. This is Bruno, a black Maine Coon. From what I’ve read, he is pretty typical for the breed: aloof. While that may seem redundant for a cat, he really is quite friendly — in his own way. He likes to be in the same room as me, but just out of petting range.

Bruno 28 Mar 14
Bruno 28 Mar 14