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Friday Cat Blogging – 18 Jul 2014

Hobbes 2009
Hobbes at his best 

Here’s another old photo I’m recycling for FCB. It really shows Hobbes’ cloudy right eye. He picked up an infection while at the shelter that I guess migrated to his eye. It’s never seemed to bother him, but it’s not like I can ask him to read an eye chart either.

Friday Cat Blogging – 27 Jun 2014

Bruno & Hobbes 27 Jun 2014
No, we’re not about to fight. Why do you ask?

Of course, about 2 minutes later, they were fighting. Those last all of 5 seconds, so I didn’t get a shot of that. Hobbes takes the defensive pose shown above and taunts Bruno. It’s like two kids on a long road trip where one is always, “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!” Eventually, Bruno gets pestered enough to pounce, which loosens a couple tufts of hair and everybody moves on like nothing happened.