The Ash Lad is a common character in Norse folk tales. He is the youngest son of the family and typically a ne’er-do-well spending his days lost in thought and poking at the fireplace ashes. However, in the folklore, he always succeeds over his older brothers with cleverness and unconventional thinking to defeat the wealthy landowner or dim-witted king. I fit the former better than the latter, but it’s good to set goals.

Climate change is the most important issue of the 21st century. Period. While I support many other liberal and progressive causes and ideals, those will pale in comparison if the planet is unlivable. Sorry for the hyperbole (I try avoid such excessive rhetoric), but I do want to note my concern and motivation. Otherwise, I will try to post short bits about interesting science topics or papers, liberal ideas, urbanism, or US and Canadian politics. Plus, cat-blogging, because this is the Internet.

Theodor Kittelsen - The Ash Lad poking in the Ashes - Google Art ProjectThe image for the blog header is from Theodor Kittelsen, on a postcard captioned, “He would never do anything, just lie and dig into ashes” (“Han ville aldrig gjøre noget, bare ligge og grave i Asken”), 1900, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Norway, via Wikimedia Commons. The part I like in the original, but wouldn’t fit in the header, is the cat sitting in the blue chair, licking his balls. How appropriate.

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Climate Change and Interesting Things

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