Polar Vortex and Global Warming

Jeff Master’s has a post regarding a recent paper connecting the polar vortex and the California drought to climate change. The discussion itself isn’t all that interesting, but it does have an extensive list of past blog posts and research papers regarding weather circulation patterns. Jeff got me interested in the the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) several years ago when Greenland was warmer than Florida. Also, the NAO is oldest known climate oscillations, described several centuries ago by (as Jeff calls them) “seafaring Scandinavians,” which is probably a polite way of saying Vikings. I would like to find more about this history, but have not found much info yet.

Also of note, the strong dipole (high pressure/low pressure pair over North America) discussed in the paper naturally occurs prior to an El Niño event. This ties in to several of my previous posts. This isn’t a cause-and-effect matter, but probably coincident expression of conditions that lead to an El Niño season.


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